Growing up in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, I have devoted my time to educating my family in all things outdoors. From conservation and safety to survival and awareness, family is first. With decades of experience outdoors, I have never been afraid of trying something new. Surfing you say? Sure, it only took the look of my 13 year old daughter batting her eyes at dad to begin a family adventure. Gun safety and awareness is held to high expectations. Whether handling a BB gun or high power rifle, the rules stay the same.

Mike Burchett

While taking to the adventure with family, storytelling became almost second nature. Stories of heirlooms being passed from generation to generation and the pride of a father when my children go far beyond what a parent could want. I don’t tell simple campfire stories, except around the campfire so if that’s what you’re after come out on the trail with us. I share my view of life and adventure through the eyes of my kids. Time is far too precious to waist so every adventure is taken to its fullest. Keep safe, keep ready and teach someone something new that excites you.