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Category: How to Guides

The Bug Out Bucket

  By Jason Herbert I’m fortunate enough to live near one of the best ice cream places in all the land. Equally fortunate, they give me their old food-grade 5 gallon buckets. Each bucket comes with a lid, and I can’t get enough of these things for several reasons. I …

What ELSE To Do While You Hunt Morels

  It’s almost mushroom hunting season, and for many areas of the country, it has been a wet winter. This means mushroom hunters can look forward to a strong crop of morels and other wild edibles to start the year. One quick search on the web will reveal hundreds of …

Tips To Find The Right Outfitter For You

  By Robin Follette Listing the possibilities, choices, wants, must haves and preferences is a good place to start when you’re choosing an outfitter for a hunt. There are a lot of questions. Who? Where? What? How? When? Gear? There’s a lot to remember. These tips will help you find …

Basic Training Plan For Running

  So, you want to be a runner? By Mayrena Hernandez So, if you are reading this, it is very well possible that you have concocted in your mind that you are ready to start running. Perhaps it is because you are overweight and want to shed a couple of …

Outdoor Winter Survival

  This fall we covered the important topic of surviving in your vehicle during a winter emergency, but what are you to do if there is no vehicle to be had for shelter? Cold weather excursions into the wilderness can offer a glimpses of winter beauty and a sense of …

Women’s Hunting Boots: Part 2 – Finding the Right Boot

  By Nancy Jo Adams With the various popular boot manufacturers that offer a selection of women’s hunting boots in today’s market, it is easy to get overwhelmed or be indecisive in making a selection. After reading Part 1 of this series, armed with knowing what features to look for …

How To Select Snow Camouflage

  By Jason Herbert Winter is upon us. Along with the holidays, the football playoffs, and excuses to eat a lot and gain extra weight, winter is also one of my favorite times to hunt. However when hunting in the winter, traditional camouflage patterns that were great in the spring …

Cooking With Cast Iron

  While we’re smack in the middle of the frigid winter months, we’d like to take some time to examine an important cooking tool every outdoor enthusiast should own: cast iron. In fact you shouldn’t just own one piece of cast iron cookware but many different sizes. This time-tested form …

Women’s Hunting Boots: Part 1 – Finding the Right Features and Fit

  By Nancy Jo Adams When it comes to selecting hunting boots, several factors are important but none more critical than proper fit. Hunting boots are the foundation of the entire body structure in motion. Before you ever start your search, you should consider two things: the type terrain in …

Using A Metal Detector – The Basics

  When people think of using a metal detector, they usually think about the “find of the century,” or the unearthing of some untold riches. Realistically, you’re probably not going to stumble across long lost gold, but you never know until you try do you?! Even if you’re not finding …