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  Just announced for the winter, Teknetics and Fisher Labs have released new metal detector pointers that are perfect assets to your full-sized metal detector. These pointers are the most advanced that the companies have produced to date, and they offer a lot of great features to pinpoint precious metals, jewelry and other valuables. Both […]

  By Tony Martins If you’re a hunter, chances are good that you know something about kinetic energy. It’s generally understood that the greater the kinetic energy, the greater the killing power of the bullet or arrow. Momentum is another important factor in the lethality equation, particularly if you’re a bowhunter. Unfortunately, momentum (a.k.a. “persistence […]

  By Mayrena Hernandez Something that has recently become an issue for me is coordinating my running plans. When is it okay to run by yourself versus running with others? I was fortunate enough that when I started my running journey years ago, I had a running club to depend on with consistent times and […]

  Just in time for the start of the 2017 NRA Show, Leupold has announced the addition of a new thermal device, the Leupold LTO-Quest. This handheld thermal device offers a new way for hunters to track downed game or scout their surroundings. The LTO-Quest has smartphone-like styling, and it fits in the palm of […]

  We’re back with more Sitka Gear additions new for 2017 including an upgrade to the Kelvin Jacket and Vest series, new Sitka Waterfowl clothing and new Sitka Gear casual and logo wear. Check out the newest pattern and unique Subalpine hunting clothing in New Sitka Gear 2017 – Subalpine. Click To Shop All Sitka […]

Continued from The 41st NWTF Expo 2017 – New Products Part 1. By Nancy Jo Adams JEBS Precision Choke Tubes Headhunter Turkey Choke A lot can be said about the perfect shotgun, choke, and ammo combination but nothing truer than your success weighs on it. The single most important piece of equipment in that combination […]

  The 41st NWTF Expo Offers Exciting Turkey Hunting Products. By Nancy Jo Adams The 41st National Wild Turkey Federation Convention and Expo was a fast and furious five days of events with three days on the expo floor. My favorite part of the convention is visiting the booths and finding any new gear available […]

  The 2017 line of Sitka Gear products are available and for sale right now, and you’ll find the widest selection at Click To Shop Sitka Gear Products   Sitka Gear takes a comprehensive approach to designing hunting clothing. They select high-performance materials, utilize the best clothing technologies like Gore-Tex, Windstopper, PrimaLoft, and Polygiene, […]

Gear For The Ballgame

  Baseball is back for 2017, and it’s time to get ready for another exciting year of action around the diamond. Spring Training is ramping up in Florida and Arizona this week, and whether you’re a dedicated season ticket holder or just a casual visitor to the home park, it’s time to get ready for […]

  Gone are the days of bulky cotton hunting clothing or heavy wool jackets. Technology is key in hunting apparel today, and it helps keep hunters warm and dry in the field without excess weight. In addition, hunting apparel must use silent materials so the hunter doesn’t give his position away on a stalk or […]