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Pros And Cons Of Fire Starting Methods

  Fire has always been one of our greatest survival assets, and even today, getting a fire started can still mean life or death in some situations. As vital as fire is, getting one started can still be fairly difficult depending on the conditions. Fortunately, there are a myriad of …

Three Years In A Row – Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Company

  Trust is THE most important aspect when it comes to choosing gear. We take our reputation very seriously, and we want to be the best we can be while outfitting you with every piece of gear you need. This week we received our third straight position on the Inc. …

Choosing the Proper Backpack for Female Hunters

  By Nancy Jo Adams Using a backpack that is improperly fitted for the female hunter’s torso length can cause shoulder fatigue, back, and/or hip pain. It is not only vital that your backpack fits your body type properly; it is also important that the pack is designed for the …

Essentials For Hunting Camp

  A hunting camp is a hunter’s sanctuary away from home. It can take many forms. Some hunters travel to hunting cabins and repurposed shacks as the season gets underway, while others rough it with tents in a primitive campsite. However you choose to arrange your hunting camp, there are …

Fly Fishing For Pike

  By Jason Herbert “SLAM!” The gigantic splash shattered the silence of the otherwise calm lake. Like a cinder block had just attached itself to my line, my 7 weight fly rod bent in half and the game was on. I had challenged myself to catch a pike on a …

Arrow Rest Selection

  By Rob Boyle Welcome back to your ultimate source of information on all things archery and bow hunting! The last three articles dealt with the various parts of a bow, terminology used within the industry, and what to look for when you are buying your first bow. In addition, …

Camping With A Cold Fire Pit

  Tips For Cooking And Hanging Out Without A Campfire There is nothing more joyous than perfectly executing a campfire meal over the open coals of a fire pit. The sizzle and smell of cast iron or the fun of hot dogs and smores on sticks will draw the whole …

Urban Survival Preparation

  Survival doesn’t just take place in the middle of nowhere. For the majority of Americans, survival situations will occur in a different, but nonetheless challenging environment: the urban sprawl. Survival in the wilderness poses many challenges, but unless you’re injured, there is opportunity to move around, gathering food and …

Gear For The Tailgate

  There are times when you load the truck or RV up for a different type of adventure. Instead of heading out into the wilderness, you head towards the crowds and busy parking lots. Thankfully, the scenery you’re after is that of a crowded parking lot, and your preferred company …

Fly Fishing Basics for Beginners

  By Robin Follette Have you been thinking of learning how to fly fish? I decided one frigid, windy April day while standing on the dam between Grand Lake Stream and West Grand Lake that I would learn to fly fish that year. The fly fishermen below the dam were …